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Kantorei’s 33rd Season

Season 32 ended without our typical May performances due to the pandemic. Since that time, we have been assessing ways we can effectively rehearse and perform at a level of quality expected by ourselves and our audience. We truly miss seeing you in person.

Choir members enjoyed several socially-distanced and masked get-togethers at an outdoor bandshell before winter arrived in October(!). While it was heart-warming to sing together again, we recognized this was not a viable approach.

This fall, founding artistic director Axel Theimer announced he would be ending his 52-year estimable career at St. John’s University where he has influenced the lives of thousands of students and music professionals. He also has decided this season will be his last with Kantorei.

It is important, even in the midst of a pandemic, to find ways to celebrate Axel’s innumerable contributions to our art. We know you want to show your appreciation and help us begin a new chapter — one built on decades of Axel’s tender care.

We are experimenting with creating a virtual recording to determine what it would take to deliver a well-rounded concert before such time as we can return to live performances. Our hope is a live performance with Axel at the helm; perhaps at a time when we can also introduce someone to replace Axel going forward.

Of course, little of this will be possible unless we find ways to fund this period of celebration and transition. We would greatly appreciate anything you contribute to keep Kantorei singing.
Continue to sing as if no one is listening, and be safe.

Michael J. Karaman, Board President and Bass 1

P.S. To celebrate Axel Theimer’s 33 years with Kantorei, the Board has committed to matching all donations through year-end, up to at least $1,500. I encourage you to make your donation today!

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