Kantorei’s 32nd Season

It is with great disappointment that Kantorei has canceled the remainder of its season due to the CORVID-19 virus.  We join in prayer and support of all those who are affected by this virus.

We are beginning our planning for next season which will include some of the amazing music we have been working on.  We hope you will join us.

Our music director, Axel shared this with another group but it holds for us as well.

One suggestion which (since the beginning of time) can contribute in so many different ways to our physical and mental health especially in times when so many people experience high levels of anxiety due to so many uncertainties and concerns:

Making Music together! Singing together – or alone.

Music – especially singing – is one of the most engaging and emotion-releasing/sharing activity humankind knows.

It seems to have been re-discovered it in Italy – joining in song from the balconies and open windows (to avoid getting too close to each other). Seems to also have been used celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the other day. Music is healing, is therapy that is available to us at any time. It’s not a matter of ‘how good you are’ or if you are of the opinion that ‘I can’t sing’ or ‘ You would not want to hear me sing…’. Everybody can sing (or hum) …

Preferred activity: sing as a family. Share a song with your neighbors – across safe distance. Pick your favorite songs and sing them – don’t just listen to them via ear plugs. Share the activity! Sound travels – overcome the demanded/requested ‘social distance’. Skype with your distant loved ones. This way they will know that you are ok. If there is a little delay in transmission… you will be singing in harmony or a canon.

Wishing you health and lots of positive (musical) notes.