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Kantorei’s 33rd Season

Season 33 has earned a number of possible labels: “The Season that never was”, “Pandemic Season”, “Virtual Performing”, “Axel’s last Season” … we’ve even considered skipping the past year and calling next year Season 33 again, but the connotations would be burdensome as well as confusing.

Many of our singers have kept in touch over the past year, ready to dive in again with a new artistic director come Fall. We have a disproportionally higher number of vaccinated members and are looking for locations to re-convene and rehearse new music.

On the plus side, our fund-raising last Fall set new records for the group, although our 33-cubed campaign ($33 from 33 donors for 33 years) only garnered 17 unique donors though they did average $70 each in donations. As you know by now, we cancelled our annual February benefit Gala (rescheduled to Saturday, February 5, 2022) as well as our traditional spring concerts in early May. Our expectation is that we will be back on stage later this Fall.

The Board has been very active since October, meeting three times as often as usual in an effort to setup the group for future success. We truly appreciate everyone’s generosity and support through this unusual year and look forward to performing for you before the snow accumulates again!

We are actively interviewing artistic director candidates and will be accepting applications through the end of May (read the full Artistic Director Position description here), with the goal of rehearsing with the final candidates sometime this summer. If you know someone who may be interested, we will also be recruiting for an Executive Director and Treasurer to round out Board membership.

Take care, be safe, and enjoy the summer.

Michael J. Karaman, Board President